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To Be Or Not-To-Be A Mom??

The choice of whether or not to have children is probably the most important one of a woman’s life. Just think about it—if you marry the wrong person, you can get a divorce. If you go into the wrong career, you can retool and try something else. If you move into the wrong neighborhood, you […]

Even the Childfree can have Kids in our Lives

Laura Scott’s recent article on how childfree adults play a critical role in the lives of many children does a great job of discussing this phenomenon. Indeed, many childfree adults enjoy being around kids, and they take on roles of teachers, aunts, etc. It’s a wonderful way to meet the natural urge that many men […]

Childfree, Not Child Hating

There’s a myth that seems to be growing, as childfree adults begin to come together for support and to voice our views. This myth is that folks without kids hate kids and don’t want to have anything to do with children. In my experience with talking to childfree adults, I’ve found that many of them […]

Discrimination against Childfree in the Workplace

My book, Complete without Kids: An Insider’s Guide to Childfree Living by Choice or by Chance, features a number of interviews with folks who are childfree. Most of us without kids have a story to tell about being discriminated against. I recall a young woman patient who worked in a deli and was unable to […]

Complete Without Kids
Complete Without Kids