Childfree, Not Child Hating

There’s a myth that seems to be growing, as childfree adults begin to come together for support and to voice our views. This myth is that folks without kids hate kids and don’t want to have anything to do with children. In my experience with talking to childfree adults, I’ve found that many of them enjoy being around children in a variety of ways, either in the role of aunt or uncle or professionally. I find it frustrating that non-parents who want to work with children are often viewed with suspicion. How could we know how to interact appropriately? We might be a poor influence? We might give them the idea that choosing to not have children themselves is an option when they become adults? We might even be pedophiles? I’d love to hear some comments from folks on this topic. If there were more opportunities for people who like kids to have them in their lives, without having to actually bear the children themselves, perhaps more adults would choose a childfree route.

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