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Childfree, Not Child Hating

There’s a myth that seems to be growing, as childfree adults begin to come together for support and to voice our views. This myth is that folks without kids hate kids and don’t want to have anything to do with children. In my experience with talking to childfree adults, I’ve found that many of them […]

Discrimination against Childfree in the Workplace

My book, Complete without Kids: An Insider’s Guide to Childfree Living by Choice or by Chance, features a number of interviews with folks who are childfree. Most of us without kids have a story to tell about being discriminated against. I recall a young woman patient who worked in a deli and was unable to […]

Childfree Women Earn More than Male Counterparts

I’ve often been curious about the data indicating that women earn so much less than men for comparable jobs, and my thought has been that it’s related to being moms. It’s only logical that, once a child comes along, it’s harder to be 100 percent focusing on a career, giving the hours and emotional energy […]

Childfree Travel

Just back from a wonderful, relaxing Caribbean cruise, which was especially great since there were only a few children on the large ship. We were frustrated, however, when we arrived for our six hour flight to Seattle to find that twin infants were seated just a couple of rows ahead of us. The family of […]

Childfree Taxes

Check out this article: The writer suggests that childfree adults should pay more tax than those with kids, because we have more discretionary income. We use the fewest services (no kids in school, for example). I actually think that there should be a tax break for childfree adults, instead of a tax credit for […]

Pets versus Children

Many people say that raising children is the most important experience of their lives, and that the love that one feels for a child is unmatched. As a longterm pet owner and current “mom” to two amazing dogs, I’d have to disagree totally. I believe that most humans have the need to nurture something or […]

Population Reduction and Protecting our Planet

I couldn’t agree more with Fabi, that we must take bold action to protect our planet. I see a declining birthrate as a wonderful thing. What is the ideal world population that the earth can readily support? If you know the answer to this, please let me know. Making choosing to be childfree a more […]

Childfree Living is Great

Ellen\'s kitchen, childfree living, life without kidsToday I had a long conversation with Billie, a 25 year old childfree woman who told me that she likes to make everything from scratch, including her own bread. I shared that I too love to cook and to take lots of time in making great meals. I’ve even […]

Should I Have a Child?

This morning I had an interview with a young woman, age 25, who is writing a book about her decision-making process related to whether or not be have children. She spoke candidly about how all of her friends now have babies, and she is feeling subtle and not so subtle pressure from them to follow […]

Haven for Parents

Mother Adeline Chapron opened a coffee shop for moms and kids in response to feeling awkward in other cafes when their children made noise or made a mess. She explains that there is a rift between parents and childfree adults seeking a quiet haven. I’d agree with her that many of us without kids find […]