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Childfree Holidays

It’s the busy time of the year for families, while many of us who are not parents have too much time on our hands. This is especially true for childfree adults who live far from family. I’ve coped with the abundance of free time in a variety of ways through the years, including baking for […]

Childfree Choices

Why should young couples feel pressured by their parents, grandparents and others of an older generation to have children? It’s really unfair and irresponsible given the current state of the world. We actually need to encourage young people to carefully consider this huge life decision and we need to let them know that we support […]

Sun City

Sun City is a no-children-allowed community in Arizona that actually sends an officer around looking for signs of kids. People living there have chosen to have a no-child town, as this keeps down property taxes (no schools) and has other benefits including lower crime rates and less noise. Some people don’t think this is right […]

Paying Couples to Wait on Parenting

A few days after reading an article on the cultural push for women to have children in India I came across an article that was practically the opposite.  The article was about a government program set up to reduce population growth in India by providing financial incentives to young couples to hold off on starting […]

Fertilization in India

I read an article this week about women in India placing such a high value on motherhood and having babies and how large families are still the norm in that country.  There’s no push for population control and in fact, the opposite seems to be true.  Fertility clinics are booming.  The article featured a 72 […]

Voluntary Human Extinction and Mass Fertility

My friend sent me the link to a fascinating website for a group called The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement (VHEM). What an amazing concept for us childfree adults to embrace the idea that we are contributing to a movement to save the earth. Imagine what would happen if more adults were willing to say, “I’ll […]