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Haven for Parents

Mother Adeline Chapron opened a coffee shop for moms and kids in response to feeling awkward in other cafes when their children made noise or made a mess. She explains that there is a rift between parents and childfree adults seeking a quiet haven. I’d agree with her that many of us without kids find ourselves feeling irritated when we’re around all but the most well-behaved ones. My belief about it is that we’re simply not desensitized to it all. We’re not the ogres that we’re often portrayed to be.

Unplanned Pregnancies at 50%

It would actually be nice if more people viewed parenthood as a goal or ambition to be achieved and done well. The fact though, at least in the United States, is that over 50% of pregnancies are unplanned. This is a key statistic when you consider how many women are anti-abortion. They accidently get themselves pregnant and Poof, they’re instant mothers without even considering their interest in taking on the role or their ability to do so well. We do a better screeing of people wanting to adopt pets from the humane society than we do of allowing people to be parents. It’s got to stop!
Dr. Ellen

The Joys of Childfree Living

Check out this site on the joys of life without kids, as well as observations on parenting and how this is not as joyful as one might be told.

Childfree Working Women

Check out this great article on how having kids interferes with women’s promotions at work. What do mothers who give only 50% expect? I see so many women take time off to go to soccer games, hang out at the coffee pot chatting endlessly about their children, and in general not appear to be as serious about their jobs as their male counterparts. These women don’t deserve a promotion!

Renee Zellweger is childfree and loving it

Renee Zellweger stated in a recent interview that she has never had ambitions to be a mother. It’s refreshing to hear a celebrity say aloud that she is childfree by choice and hopes to remain that way. Our society puts so much pressure on young women and couples to have babies, asking them when they will have a child rather than whether or not they want a child. If they say they don’t plan to have kids, they are questioned or told that they will regret this decision. Let’s admit that many of us are childfree, not childless!

Childfree Choices

Why should young couples feel pressured by their parents, grandparents and others of an older generation to have children? It’s really unfair and irresponsible given the current state of the world. We actually need to encourage young people to carefully consider this huge life decision and we need to let them know that we support them either way. They must be aware, however, of what they’re taking on when they decide to start a family.

Sun Valley skiing

Childfree Ellen skiing in Sun Valley

IUD Ideas

I read a great article today on the parcity of convenient and safe, not to mention affordable, birth control for women and thoughts on why the pharmaceutical industry has not put more research into this area. The IUD has gotten a really bad rap, unfairly so in my opinion. The safety of newer IUD’s has been proven and the pregnancy rate with them is comparable to that of the pill. Furthermore, they provide a way for a woman to put birth control out of her mind for about a decade. It’s the ideal choice for someone just starting to be sexually active and not even considering becoming a parent.

Lowest Birth Rate!

The US is experiencing a decline in the birth rate that is unprecedented, and, in my opinion, this is cause for celebration. Our world is sinking as a result of too many mouths to feed. The oceans are running out of fish and water is a concern for billions around the earth. If the US can lead the way, with voluntarily producing fewer, it’s likely that others will follow.

Sun City

Sun City is a no-children-allowed community in Arizona that actually sends an officer around looking for signs of kids. People living there have chosen to have a no-child town, as this keeps down property taxes (no schools) and has other benefits including lower crime rates and less noise. Some people don’t think this is right and that it’s even discriminatory. It seems to me that folks ought to have the right to choose the kind of community they want to live in. There are other places where people with children can go. I’d predict that down the road, more of these communities with pop up around the country.

Paying Couples to Wait on Parenting

A few days after reading an article on the cultural push for women to have children in India I came across an article that was practically the opposite.  The article was about a government program set up to reduce population growth in India by providing financial incentives to young couples to hold off on starting their families. It’s apparently been quite effective. The young couples are paid around $100 to wait. In the larger cities populations are already declining, as they are in much of the western world, but in the poorer rural areas families still tend to be large. Would Americans support such a program here in our country, to actually financially incentivize not having children rather than the opposite, which is the current position?