About the book, "Complete Without Kids"

Complete without Kids, The Guide to a Great Childfree Living, offers adults the opportunity to hear the highly personal stories of others and gain useful information on how to deal with societal and personal challenges faced as a result of living without children. It goes behind the scenes to explore the psychological processes influencing individual decisions and interpretations of life situations, whether the childfree status came by choice, happenstance or circumstance.

The book also offers the adult who is contemplating whether or not to have children, an unbiased inside perspective on what a life without kids entails. The focus of the book is on acceptance of one’s situation and finding ways to have the richest life possible.

The book that began as Dr. Walker’s personal journal became real due to the demand for such information.  As she talked with others about the idea, she received a great deal of encouragement, because of the uniqueness of the topic and the slim choice of books available for adults who are childfree or those contemplating whether or not to have kids.

In 2008 she met editor and writing coach, Brooke Warner, who helped her learn a new style of writing, quite the opposite of the dry psychological reports she crafted every day in clinical practice, and helped bring life to the book. 

Dr. Walker interviewed dozens of women, men, and couples, gay and straight, who came forward to talk honestly about their experiences to help others.  In order to protect their privacy their names, occupations, and other identifying information has been changed for the book.  This groundbreaking work will have a huge impact on those who have wished for some perspective on a subject that can so emotionally charged.

The release date for the book is January 10, 2011.

Complete Without Kids
Complete Without Kids