Monthly Archives: November 2010

Discrimination against Childfree in the Workplace

My book, Complete without Kids: An Insider’s Guide to Childfree Living by Choice or by Chance, features a number of interviews with folks who are childfree. Most of us without kids have a story to tell about being discriminated against. I recall a young woman patient who worked in a deli and was unable to […]

Childfree Women Earn More than Male Counterparts

I’ve often been curious about the data indicating that women earn so much less than men for comparable jobs, and my thought has been that it’s related to being moms. It’s only logical that, once a child comes along, it’s harder to be 100 percent focusing on a career, giving the hours and emotional energy […]

Childfree Travel

Just back from a wonderful, relaxing Caribbean cruise, which was especially great since there were only a few children on the large ship. We were frustrated, however, when we arrived for our six hour flight to Seattle to find that twin infants were seated just a couple of rows ahead of us. The family of […]

Childfree Taxes

Check out this article: The writer suggests that childfree adults should pay more tax than those with kids, because we have more discretionary income. We use the fewest services (no kids in school, for example). I actually think that there should be a tax break for childfree adults, instead of a tax credit for […]