Monthly Archives: October 2010

Pets versus Children

Many people say that raising children is the most important experience of their lives, and that the love that one feels for a child is unmatched. As a longterm pet owner and current “mom” to two amazing dogs, I’d have to disagree totally. I believe that most humans have the need to nurture something or […]

Population Reduction and Protecting our Planet

I couldn’t agree more with Fabi, that we must take bold action to protect our planet. I see a declining birthrate as a wonderful thing. What is the ideal world population that the earth can readily support? If you know the answer to this, please let me know. Making choosing to be childfree a more […]

Childfree Living is Great

Ellen\'s kitchen, childfree living, life without kidsToday I had a long conversation with Billie, a 25 year old childfree woman who told me that she likes to make everything from scratch, including her own bread. I shared that I too love to cook and to take lots of time in making great meals. I’ve even […]

Should I Have a Child?

This morning I had an interview with a young woman, age 25, who is writing a book about her decision-making process related to whether or not be have children. She spoke candidly about how all of her friends now have babies, and she is feeling subtle and not so subtle pressure from them to follow […]

Haven for Parents

Mother Adeline Chapron opened a coffee shop for moms and kids in response to feeling awkward in other cafes when their children made noise or made a mess. She explains that there is a rift between parents and childfree adults seeking a quiet haven. I’d agree with her that many of us without kids find […]

Unplanned Pregnancies at 50%

It would actually be nice if more people viewed parenthood as a goal or ambition to be achieved and done well. The fact though, at least in the United States, is that over 50% of pregnancies are unplanned. This is a key statistic when you consider how many women are anti-abortion. They accidently get themselves […]

The Joys of Childfree Living

Check out this site on the joys of life without kids, as well as observations on parenting and how this is not as joyful as one might be told.

Childfree Working Women

Check out this great article on how having kids interferes with women’s promotions at work. What do mothers who give only 50% expect? I see so many women take time off to go to soccer games, hang out at the coffee pot chatting endlessly about their children, and in general not appear to be as […]

Renee Zellweger is childfree and loving it

Renee Zellweger stated in a recent interview that she has never had ambitions to be a mother. It’s refreshing to hear a celebrity say aloud that she is childfree by choice and hopes to remain that way. Our society puts so much pressure on young women and couples to have babies, asking them when they […]

Childfree Choices

Why should young couples feel pressured by their parents, grandparents and others of an older generation to have children? It’s really unfair and irresponsible given the current state of the world. We actually need to encourage young people to carefully consider this huge life decision and we need to let them know that we support […]