Ellen L. Walker.



“Having reviewed Dr. Walker’s book, I’m very excited for the childfree community. Her expertise, research and personal experience shines through. Her book will be a necessary read for anyone exploring the childfree/childless topic, whether out of curiosity or personal choices regarding such an important decision. I hope more young people will explore the idea of becoming childfree, in addition to examining their own reasons for wanting to become a parent. Complete without Kids provides a timely look into the reasons individuals become either childfree or childless. Insightful, well-researched and compassionate.”
~ Cara Swann, Author

“This book will address the childfree issues unlike the norms of society wherein dim-witted folks have babies and only thereafter realize the lifelong ramifications and responsibilities. Now leave me alone so I can go back to enjoying my childfree life instead of worrying about dealing with diapers – Yuck!”
~ Christopher M. Puzzele, Esq. (Creator of www.IdoNOTwantKids.com)

“Like becoming a parent, “childfree” living is an option best left to each individual to decide. Dr. Walker’s “guide” is a wonderful tool, whether you are “childfree” by choice, circumstance, or happenstance, to help understand you are not alone. You will see yourself in this book.”
~ Linda McCarthy, Executive Director, Mt. Baker Planned Parenthood

“This book takes a balanced approach at helping people consider childfree living, whether by choice or chance or happenstance. As someone who is sort of all three, I really appreciated the psychological detail in which the information was presented, yet the kindness that was throughout. I felt like I was at a very enjoyable therapy session.”
~ Wendy P. Chef, Reporter, Before It’s News

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